Delicious Shaved Ice & More in Tucson, AZ

Treat yourself to refreshing water from Water Mart. We’re proud to be the customer-preferred water supplier in Tucson, AZ. From self-serve vending to specialty delivery, you’ll experience water that’s cleaner and better tasting. In addition to our high-quality water supply, we sell Hawaiian shaved ice and are the only store in the area offering Thrifty ice cream. When you’re looking for chemical-free water, we’re a store you can trust.

Clean Water Delivery

We’re a water supplier that stands out among our competition because we use the 12-stage reverse osmosis process to purify our water. We use this method because our mission is to show our customers what clean water really tastes like. Most water suppliers do not use this type of water filtration system. By using sunlight, we extract dangerous chemicals, leaving our water in its purest form. If you live within our service area, we’ll deliver clean water to you for an exceptionally reasonable price. We care about our customers—choose us and receive the pure water you deserve.

We have available stands with capacity of 3, 6 & 8 bottles

Also, lead free crocks w/ stands our water dispenser hold 3-5 gallons.

Thrifty Ice Cream & Shaved Ice

Water Mart is proud to bring Thrifty ice cream to our customers. Thrifty has been a household name since 1940 and is only sold at select locations. Available in 20 signature flavors and served in a cup, waffle cone, or cake cone, this award-winning ice cream will keep you coming back for more. For our lactose intolerant customers, we also sell Hawaiian shaved ice, made with our 12-step filtered water. 

Tubs of Ice cream
Mint Chocolate chip ice cream

24/7 Clean Water

We strive to be a flexible water supplier for our customers, which is why we offer 24/7 self-vending options for water. You can bring your own container and fill it up on site or purchase one of our own. We only sell BPA-free containers to ensure your water remains free of toxic chemicals. Whether you need a block of ice or a gallon of water, you can count on us for 24/7 access.

24-Hour Vending machine 

Same quality 12 stage water you get inside the store 

Fills of 1 - 5 gallons

Takes $1 bills + coins

Need Water?

Don’t settle for average water. At Water Mart, you can access the cleanest water possible. Call us today for more information about our water filtration system or to schedule a delivery.

(520) 744-4341